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HForm.com Secure Forms

This easy to use form handler will handle your secure forms.
Yes Remote Service: Your form and response page are on your website. Submitted data is handled by HForm.com, which is invisible for your visitors, who will not leave your site when submitting your form.
Yes Email: Data submitted through your form is delivered to your mailbox(es).
Yes Autoresponder: A confirmation message can be automatically sent to your visitor, optionally including the submitted data.
Yes File Attachments: Files uploaded with your form will be attached to the email deliveries.
Yes Anti-Spam protectionnew: Your form can be protected from SPAM submissions using Image with random code (CAPTCHA).
Yes Database: Data can be stored in our online database and downloaded in tab-delimited format.
Yes Secure Form: Your form can be used with or without SSL (https or http).
Yes Encryption: Any part of the data received from your form can be encrypted, both in the email deliveries and in the database.
Yes Page Hosting: Your form and response page can also be hosted on our server, together with the images.
Yes More: And much more, and new features are constantly added !
Service Plans    14 days FREE Trial!
  Visitor *) Submissions Standard, per month Secure, per month
Level 1 500 / month $ 1.50 $ 2.25
Level 2 5000 / month $ 3.00 $ 4.50
Level 3 50000 / month $ 6.00 $ 9.00
A service plan is for one form. Please contact us for service plan with more than 50000 submissions.
Payment periods are between 3 and 6 months, depending on your choice.
*) your test submissions are automatically identified and not counted
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Why use HForm.com Secure Forms?

When dealing with online clients you must be very careful. One way to guarantee their privacy is to use our secure forms. Form processing in general is very insecure and it's easy for someone to steal private information. With HForm.com Secure Form handler we will encrypt the information submitted.

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